Digital Ad Retargeting

$3,000 (Before Aug. 16); $5,000 (After Aug. 16)

Digital Ad Retargeting

A new sponsorship that allows your digital ads to reach  registered REALTORS® wherever they go on line.


Your digital ad retargeting campaign uses a cookie-based marketing technology that serves your digital ad to registered attendees wherever they go online; after they leave the Conference & Expo website.


  • 3 month program with 100,000 guaranteed impressions

  • Trackable, digital exposure with measurable results

  • Keep your brand top of mind with your ideal customers



$3,000 (Before August 16th)

$5,000 (After August 16th

To book, download the sponsorship agreement form by clicking the Download the Order Form button below. Or contact Angela Chybik or Jennifer Ibe REALTORS® Conference & Expo Show Management 800-752-6312; 630-434-7779

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