NEW! Boston High-Performance Homes Tour


Thursday, November 1

NEW! Boston High-Performance Homes Tour

THURSDAY, November 1



This NEW SPONSORSHIP will have attendees joining us for a half-day tour of Boston’s next generation of high-performance buildings.  The tour spans the historic Highland Park neighborhood and other locations around Boston, and it includes a guided tour of several green-rated and energy-positive properties. 


Attendees will enjoy commentary from John Dalzell, Senior Architect for Sustainable Development for the City of Boston and Director of the E+Green Building Program.  Tour participants will hear both buyer and agent perspectives about what makes these properties desirable for homeowners.  In addition, they will learn about the technologies that make these properties leaders in performance innovations.


Make sure attendees fondest memories of Boston include your company!  This unique sponsorship offers your company a wonderful opportunity to reach these attendees.



*Sponsorship recognition online REALTORS® Conference & Expo website with a link to Sponsor’s website

*Sponsorship recognition in print in the Conference Guide with Sponsor’s logo featured on the page-the Conference Guide is distributed to attendees in Boston

*Opportunity for sponsor to greet attendees in the area where the bus is loading. Includes 6’ table, chair and sign. Sponsor may bring tablecloth, etc… to loading area.  Sponsorship does not include a spot on the bus tour.

*Opportunity for sponsor to give attendees a branded swag bag (approval needed by NAR-bag suggestions-water, granola/chips, snack, company literature, etc…)

*1-22x28 sign in bus boarding area to recognize your company’s sponsorship on Thursday.  Starting Friday the sign will be placed within the Green Pavilion on the expo floor to recognize the sponsorship

*1-22x28 sign to be used in Sponsor’s booth to recognize the sponsorship

*Facebook promotion to NAR Green Designees about the sponsorship

*Text promotion to REALTORS® through NAR Weekly encouraging registration and promoting sponsorship (Only while tour seats remain)

*Tweets in Boston about the sponsorship

*In the October 29th email newsletter that goes out to NAR Green Designees, sponsor may provide a 100 word paragraph that will be included in the newsletter. (NAR would have to see and approve paragraph)

*There will be a direct outreach to all Green Designees about the Boston High-Performance Homes Tour and your sponsorship


Investment:  $3,500


To book, download the sponsorship agreement form by clicking the Download the Order Form button below. Or contact Angela Chybik or Michael Litwicki REALTORS® Conference & Expo Show Management 800-752-6312; 630-434-7779

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