Town Square Pin Your Town Map


Town Square Pin Your Town Map

Attendees can stop by Town Square to view the map wall and place a pin to represent their community and  use chalk to highlight a fun fact about their community on the floor or adjacent area. Interesting or unique statistics from selected cities will also be on display.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Custom map station will include a banner with sponsor name

  • Special pin for sponsor to highlight their location

  • Logo, company name and short message printed on the 8'H x 16'W map

  • Floor decals display sponsor-provided statistics about cities or interesting industry trends

Investment: $15,000

To book, download the sponsorship agreement form by clicking the Download the Order Form button. Or contact our sales team: NAR NXT The REALTOR® Experience Show Management 800-752-6312; 630-434-7779 [email protected]

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