Hotel Room Drop (Three Exclusive Opportunities)

$21,000; $18,000; $15,000

(Friday / Saturday / Sunday)

Hotel Room Drop (Three Exclusive Opportunities)

Deliver your company's message or gift item to 5,000 attendees' hotel rooms (all placed under the door or hung on the door; not in-room delivery) on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday*. Room drops provide a captive audience and great visibility for your company’s message.

Investment Opportunities:

$21,000 for Friday morning room drop

$18,000 for Saturday morning room drop

$15,000 for Sunday morning room drop



*Please Note: Sponsor is responsible for producing 5,000 pre-approved marketing pieces.

To book, download the sponsorship agreement form by clicking the Download the Order Form button below. Or contact Angela Chybik or Michael Litwicki REALTORS® Conference & Expo Show Management 800-752-6312; 630-434-7779

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