Z-Card Folding Floor Plan

$8,000 Exclusive

Includes production

Z-Card Folding Floor Plan

Add your company name and booth number to the only printed floor plan available at the REALTORS® Expo. Distributed in registration, the convenient folded floor plan will include the show name on one side and your company’s name, booth number and tagline on the other side. Every attendee will know exactly who you are and where your booth is located with your company name and booth number highlighted in the exhibitor list and on the floor plan.


Investment:  $8,000


To book, download the sponsorship agreement form by clicking the Download the Order Form button below. Or contact Angela Chybik or Jennifer Ibe REALTORS® Conference & Expo Show Management 800-752-6312; 630-434-7779 nar@heiexpo.com

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